Places to Shop for Your Dolls and Dollhouses

Accessories from Dollhouse Collectibles From a tiny doctor’s bag to doll-sized food and toiletries, this site has an amazing collection of miniatures. Most of the prices are so low it’d be pointless to try making the items yourself. At left, the soap bucket with cleaning supplies is $2.25. Four tiny soaps are only $1.50, but the miniature bottle of Sunlight Soap (right) would cost you $3.75.

Factory Direct Doll & Bear Clothing a small assortment of dirt-cheap sweaters, pants, and dresses. It’s difficult to judge the sizes, and some items are only in sets of 12.

Factory Direct Minis an assortment of low-cost minis, including a few chairs, kitchen items, and mail.

Doll Accessories adorable, affordable accessories include mittens, a red umbrella, books, purses and jewelry. There’s a particularly nice selection of Doll Shoes, including tap shoes, Mary Janes, and several adorable slippers. They have a nice variety of unusual Clothes but the prices are standard, rather than noteworthy.


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