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Whether you’re proficient at counting stitches or just like to muck around with felt and glue, ber_owleasy1you can probably make some sort of cute toy out of soft stuff.  Berroco Yarns offers a free owl pattern which seems to make lumpiness part of its charm; I’m thinking I could probably turn that into a few cute creatures if I tried.  And these days its easy to get handsome knitted socks from the craft store or Job Lot, ber_puppetso I could probably fake a puppet like this adorable dog.  Where’s my handmade pride?  I don’t know; it seems to take a hike when the knitting needles come out.

Below: Butterfly Doll



crochetroo_turtleCrochetroo BlogEtsy Store.

Know anyone who’d like a fleet of dolphin bobby pins or a Bilby with a basket of jelly beans?  Crochetroo is the perfect place for you. Her crochet patterns of sea creatures, butterflies, and Australian mammals are stunning and adorable.  Her Etsy store offers patterns for critters, hats, flowers, gloves, slippers, and other items, as well as finished scarves and slippers.  The blog includes a few free patterns (including some cute worms and an adorable button flower), but no index; its real value is in her observations of crochet interwoven with the world around her.   You might start reading with Grandma’s Cupboards, which touched my heart.  

crochetroo_bilbycrochetroo_shoescrochetroo_potholders2 crochetroo_daisychain1crochetroo_flower

Above: Three PDF Patterns for sale on Crochetroo’s Etsy; A free daisy chain pattern and button blossom tutorial from her blog.

Knitted Bags from Berroco’s Free Patterns Collection.


LEFT: Lightweight knitted shopping bag from I Live on a Farm ; RIGHT: Marlo Cairns’ Crocheted Tote made from plastic grocery bags.



Crayon Books / Needle Cases



Ornaments, Animals, & Toys


Knitted Monster from Polka Dot





Potholders & Household





◊ ◊ ◊ Knitting on the Net
bagfeltruffle2handle3A superlative directory of free knitting patterns.  Includes a clear picture of nearly every project.  I adore the Ruffled Bag, an unusual Two Way Afghan, and an assortment of Felted Bags and Hats.  A little heart purse for Barbie dolls intrigues me as well – but not enough to Join yarn to other set of 5 sts on WS.


◊ ◊ ◊ Small Gifts to Knit and Crochet  

Booklets & Free Patterns – from elaborate sweaters to a knitted jellyfish.





Beyond the Sweater: Craft Items to Knit

Make Your Own Yarn